When patients learn that our services include Botox, they often ask, “Why would a dentist do Botox?” The simple answer is that there are very few professionals more perfectly suited to place Botox than a dentist. We would love to give you a few reasons why we think so.

• Dentists are among the few providers in the state who are legally allowed to inject Botox. Only a doctor or nurse practitioner can administer Botox in Minnesota, and as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, your dentist is uniquely qualified.

• Because their scope of practice only includes the head and neck, dentists are highly knowledgeable in the muscles, vessels, and nerves in these areas. They understand how using Botox can affect not only the appearance of the skin, but the symmetry of the face and function of the muscles that allow us to chew, speak, and smile.

• Dentists routinely give injections as part of their regular practice. This gives them the confidence, speed, and ability to deliver injections as accurately and pain-free as possible.

• Botox can be used treat patients with jaw joint dysfunction, tension headaches, and tooth clenching or grinding as an alternative or adjunct to removable appliances made by a dentist.

• Botox is an effective non-surgical treatment to reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile”.

• For best results, Botox is routinely injected every 3-6 months. Routine dental visits are generally scheduled on a 6 month basis, so Botox injections can be coordinated with dental cleanings to reduce the number of appointments needed to maintain a healthy smile and youthful appearance.

We love to improve the lives and smiles of our patients, so if you have questions about Botox, please reach out to us!

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